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Much of the content on this site is drawn by Beyond Tyranny and Narcissism (originally published as Oriented Leadership) by Benjamin D. Williams and Michael T. McKibben. 



Benjamin D. Williams holds an undergraduate degree in Zoology, and graduated form Fuller Theological Seminary in 1979.  Since then he has served in various facets of Christian ministry, which have included pastor, prison chaplain, and Parish Council Chairman. He has been actively involved in the founding of three mission parishes—and with Mike McKibben, created and lead leadership development seminars for the Orthodox Church in America.  From graduating from seminary until he retired he was employed in the medical device industry, serving in various sales management leadership positions for almost thirty years. Ben has also co-authored Orthodox Worship, an introduction to the origins and development of the worship practices of the Orthodox Church. He was the founder of liturgica.com a website focusing on the history and development of liturgical worship and music.  


Michael T. McKibben is a management and organizational development consultant, and President & CEO of Leader, Inc. a software development firm in Columbus, OH. A graduate of The Ohio State University with a degree in Civil Engineering, he was formerly European Director of a Christian music organization called Living Sound, which specialized in musical missions.  His involvement in international Christian missions over almost a decade allowed him to work with business, education, political and religious leaders in 27 countries.  Mike has authored several books on planning and management and has also authored Orthodox Christian Meetings, a practical guide to an Orthodox understanding of communications and administration, with an emphasis on how we work together and conduct meetings—and with Ben Williams, created and lead leadership development seminars for the Orthodox Church in America.

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